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Reynolds / Pactiv Corporation

Reynolds / Pactiv Corporation  is the market leader in the packaging industry, serving the consumer, foodservice/food packaging and protective/flexible packaging markets. The specialty packaging leader currently operates in countries around the world. Reynolds/Pactiv units now includes the former Novelis Foil Products of Canada.

Pactiv is a leading provider to the foodservice/food packaging market, producing and selling approximately 3,500 items under approximately 18,000 unique labels across North America.

Although Reynolds/Pactiv produces a broad range of useful packaging products from a wide selection of materials, we find that aluminum is a perfect material for all types of containers. The natural qualities of aluminum, its impermeability and barrier properties provide real benefits. Aluminum is used to prepare, freeze, store, transport, cook, and serve a variety of foods.

We produce the following consumer and business products from aluminum: Bakery Containers, Catering Products, Entrée pieces, Foils and Wraps, Institutional Products, Specialty Shapes, Steamtable Pans, and Takeout and Carry-Out Containers.

In 2003, 2004, and 2005, Fortune magazine named Pactiv as America’s number one “Most Admired Company” in the group “Packaging Containers.”

At Reynolds Pactiv, we relentlessly seek ideas and the best practices inside and outside the company. We continually strive for improvement and promote rational risk taking. We view failures as learning experiences. We embrace change introduced by others.

We value our customers. We drive to understand them, their needs, and what creates value fro them. We create and deliver industry-leading products and services. We consistently meet product quality and service commitments.

Reynolds Pactiv Corporation Headquarters
1900 W. Field Court
Lake Forest, IL 60045